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The Amity Charity Investment management team

Our team has many years of experience managing institutional money. The lead fund managers for the Amity Investment Funds for Charities range are Robin Hepworth and Chris Hiorns. They work closely with our team of financial and SRI analysts, who are in turn supported by other seasoned fund managers, including Sue Round, who founded one of the UK’s first SRI (socially responsible investment) funds in 1988.

  • Rob Hepworth  

    Robin Hepworth – Chief Investment Officer

    Robin co-manages the Ecclesiastical Charity fund range and was voted Fund Manager of the Year 2010 by Investment Week (Global Equity Sector). Robin has 23 years experience with EIM, having joined in 1988 and has managed two award-winning retail investment funds – the Amity International Fund since its launch in 1999, and the Higher Income Fund since launch in 1994.  Prior to that he spent 3 years at the Church Commissioners for England. 

  • Chris Hiorns  

    Chris Hiorns, CFA – Fund Manager

    Chris co-manages the Ecclesiastical Charity fund range. He also manages the Amity European Fund and co-manages the Amity Sterling Bond Fund. Chris has 15 years of investment experience and started working for Ecclesiastical in 1996.
  • Neville White, Senior Invesment Analyst  

    Neville White – Head of SRI Policy & Research

    Before joining Ecclesiastical in 2010, Neville worked on Governance & Ethical Investment with CCLA Investment Management for 13 years, where he headed the Ethical and Responsible Investment Unit and was also secretary to the Church of England Ethical Investment Advisory Group.
  • Ketan Patel Investment Analyst  

    Ketan Patel, CFA – Senior Socially Responsible Investment Analyst

    Ketan joined Ecclesiastical in October 2003. He began his career on the equity derivatives trading desk at JP Morgan, before moving to Insight Investment as a Global Healthcare Analyst.
  • Mike Goddings  

    Michael Goddings – Head of Charity Market Development

    Mike joined in November 2011, having previously spent over 10 years in a similar role with CCLA Investment Management.  Prior to that was Head of Client Development for the Charities Aid Foundation’s banking and investment subsidiary.  He is a trustee of two charities and has nearly 20 years of experience in the sector.

Supported by a wealth of expertise...

  • sue round investment manager  

    Sue Round – Director of Group Investments

    Sue joined Ecclesiastical in 1984. She launched the Group’s first ethical retail fund, the Amity UK Fund, in 1988. Sue is one of the UK’s leading ethical investors and oversees all of EIM’s investment operations.
  • andrew jackson fund manager  

    Andrew Jackson – Fund Manager

    Andrew joined Ecclesiastical in 2003 and manages the UK Equity Growth Fund. During his career he has managed UK equities at Canada Life, Lloyds Investment Managers (later Hill Samuel Asset Management) and SG Asset Management. Andrew is AAA rated by Citywire (as at 30th Sep 2013).
  • Lionel Allen, Investment Research Analyst  

    Lionel Allen – Investment Research Analyst

    Lionel joined Ecclesiastical in 2005 to support the investment team. Previously he worked for Jupiter Asset Management where he worked for the Technical Operations team, focusing on retail funds.

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Amity Investment Funds Documents

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  • Amity Investment Funds for Charities application form
  • Amity Investment Funds for Charities prospectus
  • Amity Balanced Fund for Charities KIID
  • Amity Global Equity Fund for Charities KIID

Treating Customers Fairly

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