A different kind of business

We’re a specialist insurance and financial services company with over 130 years of experience offering honest advice, deep expertise and caring protection. Charitably owned, we exist to contribute to the greater good of society and we do this by managing a successful, ethically-run portfolio of businesses.

Building a movement for good

We give a significant proportion of our profits to our owner, Allchurches Trust, which donates independently to deserving causes. We’re committed to doing the right thing for our customers and to delivering growing financial returns to our owner so they can continue with their good work, helping improve people’s lives. 
By daring to be different – and working in a way that’s good, not just a little less bad – everyone benefits. 

Our Impact Report celebrates some of the many causes we’ve helped and the difference we have made right across our Group all over the world. Every day you work with us, you’re helping us to help change people’s lives for the better.

Our Movement for Good awards

Charitable giving has been at the heart of what we do for over 130 years. Now more than ever we are proud to be one of the largest corporate donors to charity in the UK, contributing to thousands of good causes in this country and abroad.

Our £50,000 application window has now closed

We were overwhelmed by the response from charities who submitted their applications. Through our £50,000 grants we’re actively championing innovation, giving charities the backing they need to propel their plans forward and helping to turn creative ideas into practical solutions that benefit society.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. We will be announcing the winners from Monday 12 October 2020.

£1,000 winners have been announced

We’ve been amazed by the response from charities and their supporters. And we know what a difference £1,000 will make, and has already made, to a huge number of charities. Thank you to everyone who has nominated.
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See the difference £50,000 is making to some of our Movement for Good winners…

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Our specialist insurance areas

Ecclesiastical positive impact report

Celebrating some of the many causes we’ve helped, each of the beneficiaries tells their story.

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Our most recent awards

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