Explore our schemes - meet Simon Dandridge, Technical Underwriting Development Manager

23 February 2021

Identifying, developing and then pitching a new insurance scheme demands the right planning, the right timing and the right underwriting partner for you – our broker partners.

Simon has been working for Ecclesiastical since 2013 where he has spent 5 years in schemes. His background is in underwriting with particular expertise in new schemes.

In his short video, Simon explains our approach to giving you the bespoke support you need to succeed – from new and consolidated schemes to speculative ones where agile test and learn strategies are key.

We’ve been working successfully in the schemes space for over 30 years. We’re open-minded, have real appetite and offer a dedicated support team for developing profitable schemes business for you.

We take a long-term partnership approach that’s underpinned by good relationships, proven risk management tools and strong marketing support.

Watch Simon’s video and see how we can help you develop and grow your scheme.

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