Transferring your scheme

Switching schemes provider is a significant business decision. To ease any concerns and to make the transfer as smooth and as easy for you as we can, we have spent time developing a managed transfer process.
This includes an assigned project manager as your point of contact to oversee the process and to keep you up to date through each step of the process.

Stages to successfully transfer your scheme

Initial assessment & feasibility

We assess all relevant information and consider the feasibility of the scheme before reaching a decision about whether to adopt it.

Stakeholder engagement
We meet with you to discuss and agree the fundamentals including how your scheme will work, its product spec and ways of transacting.
This is an open, collaborative process involving meetings with stakeholders and free exchange of information with plenty of opportunity to review and adjust the product so it’s perfect for launch and can maximise its potential.
Build the scheme
During this stage, the project team gathers and builds the essential information to deliver your scheme and considers the wording, marketing, literature, underwriting guidelines and training to ensure a seamless transfer.
Launch and ongoing management
This is the final stage of the transfer process for the scheme – but just the beginning of our relationship.
Your Business Development Manager will be on hand to tackle any teething problems, while our wider team provide further support to you.
We’ll hold regular reviews to ensure you’re receiving the service we promise and the scheme is meeting the targets we’ve agreed.