This exclusive programme is designed to support the charitable giving of our Select brokers, offering a donation to give to the charity that means the most to your brokerage. We have the ambition to give £100million to charity by 2020 and are delighted that Closer To You gives you the opportunity to play an important part in helping us reach this goal.
We are looking to give donations of up to £2,500 but we will consider larger or smaller requests. If there is a specific project you are keen to support, please provide as many details as you can. 

How to apply

You can apply using this simple online form. You will need the charity registration number (if registered) and all applications must be submitted by Friday 29 March 2019.
Following review and approval of your application, your donation will be paid directly to your charity in May 2019, via the Charities Trust who are a leading independent donations management organisation.

Share the news

It’s important to share the story of how your donation has helped your chosen charity. We can help you and your charity raise awareness by sharing social media posts and providing a press release template.  
Following successful application, your Relationship Manager will present you with a certificate recognising you for helping your chosen charity. 
This makes a fantastic photograph opportunity for press releases and social media. Your Relationship Manager can tell you more.

Volunteering opportunities

Support your employees with volunteering opportunities

Corporate giving isn’t just about financial support. It’s about sharing skills, resources and building relationships. It doesn’t need to be a long-term commitment either. A few hours or a couple of days can really help the causes that mean the most to your business and your employees. 
To decide what to do: 

  • Consider the charity/s that mean the most - local, relevant to your business ethics, a cause such as mental health, children, animals or the environment.
  • Identify what you have to offer – number of people, time, professional or vocational skills.
  • Research what charities need – practical help, trustees, guidance.
  • Align what you can offer to the charity’s need and you’ve got a perfect match! 

Recent donations

In 2018 Select members helped us donate over £95,000 to more than 40 charities. Here are some of the beneficiaries:

Lumley Insurance Ltd and The Barn Theatre Project

Broker: Lumley Insurance Ltd
Charity: The Barn Theatre Project
Grant: £2,500
The Barn Theatre educational outreach programme has a vision to make the performing arts accessible for all and to foster new talent. 
The Barn hopes that within a few years, to provide a youth academy taking education right through to professional stage school. Putting Education at the heart of the theatre, they want to support young people to develop team work and confident communication and presentation skills, key essentials for success in life. Recognising that many people can’t afford to go to the theatre, organisers hope to make the Barn the very first theatrical experience for many, whatever their age or background. They saw hundreds of young people for the summer project and are looking forward to attracting the best talent to Cirencester.

WPS Insurance Brokers & Risk Services and Improving Lives Plymouth

Broker: WPS Insurance Brokers & Risk Services
Charity: Improving Lives Plymouth
Grant: £2,000
Improving Lives Plymouth provide support to people to improve their quality of life whether via information, advice or practical support. The charity has been established for over a century (formerly known as Plymouth Guild) and people from all walks of life - veterans, carers, elderly people benefit from their services.

WRS Insurance Brokers Ltd and Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Broker: WRS Insurance Brokers Ltd
Charity: Norfolk Wildlife Trust
Grant: £2,500
Norfolk has a rich heritage of common land, but its true natural and historic worth is not widely understood. The project will train volunteers to undertake wildlife surveys on 60 of Norfolk’s commons. These will feed into management statements produced for each site. The project will also train volunteers and landowners to carry out direct habitat improvements that take into account both wildlife and historic features. Collectively, with appropriate management, Norfolk’s small remnant commons will be able to play a more productive role in the conservation of Norfolk’s natural heritage by providing essential wildlife havens in their own right and by acting as habitat corridors and buffer zones.
Inspiring and engaging local communities is at the heart of “Wildlife in Common”. It will enable local people across Norfolk to get actively involved in learning about, recording and taking practical conservation action on their neighbourhood commons. An essential part of the project will be to celebrate and increase awareness of the unique history of common land through activities including a new annual Norfolk Commons Week and creative writing workshops for local schools. The project will enable more people to enjoy and value their local commons, and inform community-led solutions to improve commons for wildlife and people. It will reach new communities encouraging them to take part and learn new skills while providing the support so that these benefits can be sustained beyond the project’s lifetime.