Group Compliance Monitoring Officer (2196)

  • Location: Gloucester
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Working hours: 35 hours per week, Monday to Friday
  • Application end date: 30/07/21

About the role

Responsible for managing and overseeing monitoring reviews within and across all UK based SBUs within the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, also executing monitoring reviews as required. Provide assurance to senior management that the business is operating within regulatory parameters, as defined by the regulatory bodies relevant to each SBU (primarily FCA, financial crime and data protection).

Key accountabilities

  • Manage second line of defence monitoring reviews as detailed within the Group Compliance Monitoring Plan
  • Contribute to the development of the Group Compliance Monitoring Plan
  • Leading the compliance horizon scanning, ensuring collation, preparation and distribution of information in respect of key regulatory developments.
  • Proven CASS Specialist with experience of undertaking assurance/monitoring reviews.
  • Liaise with stakeholders for each review allocated in order to facilitate the necessary access to people/systems/paperwork to enable testing to be conducted
  • Discuss with the business where actions are required to correct or improve documents/procedures/practices/controls/etc to ensure the business becomes/remains compliant with relevant rules and that customer outcomes are positive, agreeing action owners and appropriate target dates for those actions to be completed
  • Produce/review reports detailing the findings of Group Compliance Monitoring activities
  • Deliver compliance monitoring activity as required, covering the e2e process from scoping, fieldwork, issues agreement, reporting issuance
  • Monitor actions arising from Group Compliance Monitoring activities to their conclusion, ensuring that the business has taken all action required of them to prevent reoccurrence of the finding
  • Contribute to Group Compliance reports to senior management on the status of Group Compliance Monitoring, including progression against the Group Compliance Monitoring Plan, summaries of final reports produced during the period and number of overdue actions arising from Group Compliance Monitoring activity.

Key performance indicators

  • Timely identification and communication of corrective and improvement actions
  • Appropriate actions agreed with the business, ensuring compliance and positive customer outcomes
  • All monitoring reviews effectively managed according to the Group Compliance Monitoring Plan
  • Performance against actions assigned within compliance delivery and Compliance monitoring plan
  • Feedback from internal and external stakeholders
  • Feedback from Group Risk and Compliance Officer

Knowledge, skills and experience

  • Proven experience in a role engaged in a regulatory environment that involved translating rules and principles into practical outcomes for a business¬†
  • Proven competence in General Insurance, Investment Management and Broking and Advisory services in the UK
  • Interpersonal skills suitable to interact with stakeholders at all levels
  • Business writing skills