Fundraising in a Box toolkit - do you have your copy?

13 January 2021

All our customers should now have received a copy of our new toolkit ‘Fundraising in a box’.

A photograph of fundraising in a box and contents

This new addition to our range of fundraising resources is a printed toolkit packed with guidance to help our church customers raise funds.

No two fundraising campaigns are the same and fundraising differs from church to church. As a result, we’ve designed the principles and tools found inside this toolkit to be used across a variety of types of fundraising.

So in this box, you’ll find:

  • Step-by-step guides to help you navigate the uniquely complex world of church fundraising.
  • Clear guidance and steps to make your church fundraising journey easier and more successful.
  • Support for you and your church volunteers whether experienced in fundraising or learning on the go.

We hope that you will find this toolkit helpful and insightful as you look to raise vital funds for your church both now and in the future.

Tell us what you think?

If you have received your copy of our new toolkit ‘Fundraising in a Box’ we would love your feedback, stories and pictures. Share with us via Facebook or Twitter using the #FIAB or send us an email 

* The Fundraising in a Box toolkit is only available to Ecclesiastical policy holders. Your details will be checked before a box is sent.

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