Fundraising for your church's everyday costs

30 May 2022

Top tips into how you can better secure funding for your church's essential day-to-day costs.

Getting support for everyday costs can be challenging for churches and charities. In collaboration with the Directory for Social Change (DSC), this webinar provides guidance on how you can best approach fundraising for core costs.

Our expert speakers will share tips to help you:

  • Understand where you can look to fund your church's day-to-day costs
  • Frame the need for core costs and use language to motivate people to give
  • With examples and ideas you can apply to your church.

Webinar speakers

Gill Jolly - Director of Achieve Consultants Ltd and Associate Trainer with Directory of Social Change

Gilly Jolly webinar speakerGill is a charity professional with over 30 years' experience in the sector with many different organisations as well as a trainer and speaker in regional, national and international conferences.

She writes widely and has contributed to a number of books. She was awarded a fellowship by the Chartered Institute of Fundraising several years ago in recognition of her contribution to fundraising.

Andrew Evans - Senior Consultant with the Philanthropy Company

Andrew Evans webinar speakerAndrew has a Director level career that has focussed on fundraising. He has previously held roles as the Director of Development for National Museums Liverpool and with UCCF, The Christian Unions.

Andrew was the founder and senior pastor of Christ Church Liverpool, where he led the church through a major building project and the set-up of five new church congregations. He has worked with churches of many denominations and sizes.

Top tips from attendees

See some top tips provided by webinar attendees.

As well as our fundraising experts giving their expertise during the webinar, attendees shared a range of helpful tips and advice in the comments section.

We held a successful ‘Bells and yells’ fundraising event, inviting people to display their wedding dresses and Christening robes. We also had the local florists and bakers doing displays over the weekend. Schools came in free but others paid an entrance fee. The weekend ended with the bishop doing a mass renewal of wedding vows service.
We don't pass a plate at baptisms but we get children from the family to stand at the back with a plate at the end. People give more to cute family members than to Church Wardens!