William A Cadbury Charitable Trust

Funding in England

Registered Charity Number: 213629


Fund name
  • Regular grant programme 
Grant size
  • Small grants up to £2,000 and large grants of £20,000
Funder's interests
  • Charitable organisations and churches in the West Midlands doing a range of work
Activities supported
  • Churches, charities and community organisations in the West Midlands
  • Vulnerable people including the elderly, children, and those with disabilities
  • Projects with a clear Quaker connection and which support the work of the Religious Society of Friends in the UK
Exclusions and other info
  • West Midlands only
  • Trustees will consider applications for core costs as well as for development of project funding. 
How to apply
  • Apply by sending a brief application to the Trust Administrator via post or online (preferred)
  • Ongoing