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Application FAQs

Frequently asked questions about applying SmartWater.

  • Where should I apply SmartWater?


    SmartWater should ideally be brushed in a continuous line along joints and seams of lead or copper roofing, (where one sheet of metal joins the next) and along edges of any flashing, (where it comes out of the wall and along the bottom edge). For further guidance, refer to the application guidelines supplied with your SmartWater pack.

    Ecclesiastical do not expect policyholders to incur the additional cost of employing the services of contractors, hiring scaffolding or large ladders to apply SmartWater.  Anyone considering working at height to apply SmartWater should make sure that they visit and read our working at height guidance and complete the check list prior to doing any work.

  • Where else can I use SmartWater?

    Once you have marked external metals and valuables, SmartWater can also be applied to communion items and other valuables inside the church. Please be sure to follow specific application guidelines for marking internal items.
  • Can my bottle of SmartWater be used across more than one site?

    SmartWater can be used on multiple buildings associated with each other, (e.g. a church and its church hall) provided they are in reasonably close proximity, (i.e. within the same town or village). However, the same batch of SmartWater cannot be used on two different churches, regardless of their proximity.
  • How often should I apply SmartWater?

    There is currently no requirement from Ecclesiastical to re-apply SmartWater after a set amount of time. However, SmartWater is guaranteed for five years and after this period it should be inspected using a UV lamp to ensure it still fluoresces. In its liquid form, (i.e. still in the bottle) SmartWater has a use-by date which is printed on the bottle.
  • Can I apply SmartWater if the roof has already been or is going to be treated with Patternation Oil?

    Where possible, we would always recommend that SmartWater is applied directly to the surface of the metal. Applying SmartWater on top of a ‘barrier’ such as Patternation Oil could affect the adherence and allow for easier removal, though it will not directly impede detection. As an alternative, SmartWater could be applied to the untreated underside, so long as there is access.
  • Once SmartWater has been applied, will it transfer onto anyone who legitimately comes into contact with it?


    Although transferable forms of SmartWater do exist, your SmartWater is not designed to be removed, and is therefore non-transferrable. That said, the ambiguous messaging used on deterrent signage can fuel misconceptions in the mind of the criminal as to what type of SmartWater product is in use, furthering the deterrent.

Registration FAQs

Frequently asked questions about registering SmartWater.

  • How do I register my SmartWater?


    Unless expressly stated otherwise, your church will be entered onto SmartWater’s database prior to your goods being shipped. As a result, there is no need to return any documentation after the application has been completed. However, if your pack does includes a registration form, please return it to SmartWater Technology Ltd as soon as possible.

    Failure to return a registration form may invalidate your policy. If you have any questions regarding the registration of your church, please contact SmartWater directly on 0333 320 7797 or by emailing

  • Do you require a complete list of items that have been marked with SmartWater?

    No, neither Ecclesiastical nor SmartWater Technology Ltd need to know which assets you have marked, although we do recommend you keep a list for your records.
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