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SmartWater is a chemically coded liquid that is painted onto items of value, making them uniquely traceable. Traceability is something that criminals hate because it increases accountability and the risk of proven guilt.

Some 25,000 churches and other heritage buildings are currently using SmartWater to protect lead and other metals from thieves.

Many scrap metal dealers are now checking for SmartWater and refusing to handle SmartWater marked metals. This is having a major impact on criminals by making it increasingly difficult to sell on stolen property and increasing the chances of arrest. So when thieves see SmartWater deterrent signage outside your Church, they are more likely to stay away.

Some SmartWater frequently asked questions to help you ...

Theft of external metal policy condition

You will see the following in your Parishguard and Hallguard policy documents which is our theft of external metal policy condition:

It is a condition precedent to liability in respect of cover for theft of external metal and cover for any subsequent DAMAGE arising as a result of the theft of external metal, that YOU have protected the external metal of the BUILDINGS with SmartWater or an alternative forensic marking system which has been approved by US, displayed the associated signage and registered the use with SmartWater Technology Limited or the alternative approved provider. If YOU fail to comply with this condition WE will not be liable to pay YOUR claim.

Need more information? If you have a query about our theft of external metal policy condition, please call our church underwriting team on 0845 777 3322 or email You can contact SmartWater by calling 01952 204 102 or emailing

*The registration and use of SmartWater, or an alternative forensic marking system approved by us, is a policy condition on both our Parishguard and Hallguard policies.

How to get a quote

For more information please contact us now on:

0845 777 3322

Lines are open 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Is your SmartWater kit registered?

SmartWater logo

If you are unsure, you can call SmartWater on 01952 204 102 and check.

It’s vital to know, as you won’t have cover for external metal theft if your kit isn’t registered.

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