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Here you'll find an overview of your insurance policy, explain what documentation you should have, how you can pay your premiums and other useful information.

  • What documents should we have?

    A policy booklet
    This contains the T&Cs of your policy.

    A policy schedule
    Separate pages with specific details for your church.

    An Employers’ Liability Certificate
    To be kept with your church insurance documents.

  • How do we pay premiums?

    Every year you will be sent a policy renewal pack to tell you your premium is due.

    Premiums may be paid annually or by monthly Direct Debit.

    If you are paying by monthly Direct Debit and need to change your payment details, please use the Direct Debit form.

When to notify us about activities or changes at your church

It is important that you let us know about certain activities and changes at your church. We can provide help and advice and in some cases we may need to charge an additional premium if there is a change to the risk we are insuring. Our check list below outlines when you need to call us.

  • Building works


    Where the PCC have agreed a contract making them responsible for insuring any loss or damage to the works or unfixed materials then we automatically include cover up to £150,000. If any of the following apply please call us:

    • Works are for over £150,000
    • Church is closing during the works
    • Scaffolding will be needed
    • Hot works are involved e.g. welding

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  • Community outreach


    If you are planning to support your community, for example, through providing a night shelter, food bank or parish nursing, there are important regulatory issues you need to be aware of.

    We can help you with free advice to make sure you comply with the regulatory requirements.

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  • Closed or closing churches


    In the event of closure, PCCs need to review the insurance cover they need and it is important that we are contacted so we can explain what cover is available for a closed church.

    We can also advise you about the risk management steps that will need to be taken while the building is unoccupied.

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  • Accidents involving people


    We do not need to know about every minor accident that takes place at your church. However, we should be  notified of more serious incidents, whether you expect an insurance claim to arise or not.

    A good rule of thumb is where an individual has received medical attention or has visited hospital.

    If you are unsure please contact our claims team on 0345 603 8381.

    All accidents, no matter how small, should be recorded in your accident book. Please keep all records of witness statements and any evidence in case we require these for any future claim.

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  • Change of correspondent


    Please make sure you let us know if the correspondent for your church is changing.

    We’ll need to know the name, address, phone number and email address of the new correspondent.

    You can call us, email us or complete the online form

church door handleProtection against metal theft

If you have external metal at your church, make sure you have:

  • Applied SmartWater*

  • Registered with SmartWater*

  • Displayed the SmartWater* signage

These are policy conditions and you will not be covered if you do not follow them.Take a look at our metal theft guidance for more information.

* Or an alternative forensic marker approved by us.
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