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How to make a claim:

By reporting your claim immediately, we will be able to provide you with the best possible service.

Enquiries about existing claims can be made from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Specialist service, customer driven

When you claim, we’ll work swiftly, and deal with your claim fairly.  We’ll look at your cover to see how we can best compensate you. If we can resolve your claim when you first contact us, we will.

But if it’s more complicated, we’ll ensure you always know what’s happening. We’ll give you direct access to your expert claims handler, who will be able to make key decisions about your claim.

Our experienced in-house team of expert claims handlers will take a proactive approach to protecting your interests against third party legal liability claims. And we’ll always consult you before making any admission of liability.

Find out more about our claims promise.

  • Our claims promise


    • We’re here to help when you need to make a new claim – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    • You can claim by telephone, by email or online

    • For new property claims we will respond quickly and within a maximum of one working day

    • New personal injury claims will be reviewed and a considered response provided to you within a maximum of 3 working days

    • We will give you the name and direct contact details of the specialist  who is handling your claim, so you always know who to talk to for help, advice and support

    • We will keep it as simple as possible, guiding and assisting you through your claim

    • We have carefully chosen our suppliers, working with proven specialists to provide you with the support you need in resolving your claim

    • We will pay your claim within one working day of agreeing the settlement amount

    • We will defend claims made against you for personal injury robustly, where we have the evidence to do so

    • We will look for cover and will not hide behind the small print, paying you exactly what you are entitled to, quickly and without fuss.

The role of external claims specialists

Sometimes, claims are better dealt with face to face rather than by email or phone. In these circumstances, regardless of the size of the claim, we may ask external experts to help ensure the claim is settled as promptly and easily as possible.

Find out more about the different specialists we can call upon.

  • Property Loss Adjusters


    Loss adjusters are experts in many fields and can be relied upon for their skill, fairness and just approach. They help both you and us, as your insurance company, to understand whether:

    • Your loss or damage falls within the terms of your insurance policy
    • Your sums insured on the policy are adequate
    • The amounts being claimed are fair and reasonable

    Loss adjusters help by advising you on how to arrange for any emergency repairs which might be necessary to secure your property or to limit further damage or loss. Your loss adjuster is appointed to help throughout the claim up until settlement is agreed. If at any point you require any assistance you can contact either the loss adjuster or our claims teams directly.

    Their findings and recommendations are sent to us to allow them to compensate you for your loss.

    Find out more

  • Claims Surveyors


    Claims Surveyors provide advice on how to process building claims which have occurred as a result of an insured peril under the terms of your policy (for example storm damage or escape of water). They apply their skill and impartiality to help both parties understand whether:

    • The damage falls within the terms of the policy
    • The amounts being claimed are fair, reasonable and cover all the works required.

    Claims Surveyors arrange a convenient time to meet with you and view the damage your claim relates to. They will talk with you to understand the circumstances of your loss and gather the required information to process your claim.

    Where damage falls within the terms of your policy, they ensure settlement choice rests with you, whether you prefer to use your own contractor, receive an appropriate cash settlement, or utilise the services of an approved network.

    The Surveyor ensures you are kept fully informed during your claim’s progress. You can also check the progress or contact your Surveyor on a dedicated website where you can also upload documents or comment on the service you receive.

    Find out more

  • Drainage and underground services companies


    Following an incident such as a blocked drain or a burst water supply pipe it can be difficult to know who to turn to for help. This is where our drainage and underground services specialists can help.

    Professional drainage and underground services companies provide skilled technicians and experienced claim handlers to assess the damage suffered at your home or business premises. In addition, they can undertake any suitable and necessary repairs which are covered by your policy.

    Drainage and Underground Services help in the following ways:

    • Visit your home or business premises to assess the cause of damage & provide advice on the most suitable repairs.

    • Take immediate steps, where applicable, to safeguard your home or business premises.

    • Assess if there is any potential for further damage and take action where appropriate to safeguard your property against it.

    • Provide you with any relevant health and safety advice.

    • Provide professional technical expertise and guidance related to your drainage claim

    Find out more

  • Damage management and restoration companies


    Professional damage management companies provide skilled project managers and technicians to assess the damage to your business premises, home or contents and then carry out practical work to restore the property and its contents.

    Many types of damage can occur long after floodwater has receded or the fire has been put out if they are not treated properly.

    Damage Management Companies help in the following ways:

    • Visit premises to assess the damage and provide advice on the best restoration process.

    • Complete a risk assessment.

    • Assess potential for further damage (e.g. mould growth or metal corrosion) and take action.

    • Provide any relevant health and safety advice to you and your loss adjuster or your insurer. 

    • Work with your insurer & loss adjuster to agree in detail the restoration work your property or contents need.

    • Take immediate steps to safeguard the property or contents and prevent further damage.

    When the main restoration works have been agreed the restoration company will set the quickest, most convenient date to commence the works.

    Find out more

  • Personal injury claims


    Any organisation with staff or volunteers runs the risk of having a claim for personal injury brought against it. At Ecclesiastical, we can help you make sure your church is prepared for any claims, and that you know exactly what to do should it happen to you.

    Please do not wait for a claim to be made. If you are aware of an incident which has resulted in a personal injury occurring for which you may be responsible please tell us about it as soon as possible. We also have an easy to follow checklist you can download.

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To discuss an existing claim or to make a new one, please call:

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Travel Insurance claims

For 24 hour Emergency Assistance and pre-travel advice
Please contact our travel specialists CEGA Group Services Limited on:

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For all other claims other than legal expenses
Please contact our travel specialists CEGA Group Services Limited on:

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Claims customer satisfaction*


*Based on responses to the Ecclesiastical’s claims satisfaction Survey 2017

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