Grandparents for Grandchildren South Australia

15 October 2021

Ansvar Australia

Grandparent and child - connecting for practical help

Connecting for practical help

“Your assistance and generosity put proper school shoes on five of my grandchildren’s feet.”

“And my eldest grandson, who is in Year 10, can participate in a work experience programme, with all the right gear.” This is from a letter sent by Winnie thanking Grandparents for Grandchildren South Australia for their help in financially supporting the grandchildren in their care. And Ansvar Australia gave the charity a grant of AUD $15,000 towards their Supplementary Education and Sports Fund.

Grandparents for Grandchildren is a voluntary, not for profit organisation that helps prevent at-risk children from entering the statutory child protection system, instead keeping them within their extended families wherever they can. It provides information, training, advocacy and support services to grandparents and other kinship carers who have taken on the role of primary carer of the children and who would otherwise be struggling with the emotional, financial and legal complexities.

Grandparents for Grandchildren’s Supplementary Education and Sports Fund programme is focused on assisting at-risk or traumatised children across the State of South Australia, including Aboriginal and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse children, who have been removed from fractured and abusive family environments to be cared for by their grandparents or other kin.

The grant will be used to help struggling grandcarers to purchase essential education-related items for their grandchildren – such as uniforms and laptops – so they can remain at school and make the most of their educational opportunities. It also helps with the cost of food and other basics.

Grandparents for Grandchildren has been entirely operated by unpaid volunteers for 17 years. The only organisation of its kind in Australia, it currently has over 14,000 family members on its books and the numbers keep on growing. And with the restrictions brought on by COVID-19, the charity is busier than ever, as the soaring number of domestic violence cases means more children need to be moved into care.

For grandparents like Winnie, Grandparents for Grandchildren has made a world of difference. As her letter goes on to say: “I want to let you know how extremely grateful we are for your support and kindness and to let you know how much of a difference your assistance makes to the overall wellbeing of my grandchildren.” And for hard working charity members, a little appreciation goes a long way.

Grandmother and grandson - connecting for generations