Staff information

During any major incident messages to all staff will be posted and updated on this web page.
If you have vital information about the event, the health & safety of our staff or the situation, you must pass this information on. Any urgent information can be passed to the Crisis Management Team Support who will take and pass on your message. We will prioritise the information we receive and respond accordingly.

There are two ways to pass on information:

  • Via your line manager
  • contact the Crisis Management Team Support on 07725 928024 (vital calls only please).
If you are at home or out of the office, leave your contact number with your manager.
If you have a mobile, switch it on and keep it by you.
Do not respond to media requests for information. Obtain a contact number and advise them that a member of the Press Office will get back to them as soon as possible. Inform the Press Office of any media requests immediately.