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Heritage Insurance explained

What does it all mean?

Owning a heritage property, or running a business from one can be complicated and that's before considering the different types of cover that make up a heritage insurance policy.

To help you, we've broken down all the different sections of our Heritage Insurance cover and given a brief explanation of what it is and why your heritage property might need it.

  • Property damage


    Insurance for buildings, business contents and stock against a range of insured events such as fire, break-in, malicious damage, storm, subsidence, escape of water, impact, accidental damage and terrorist damage. You select the events you wish to insure.

    Features & benefits:

    - Inflation protection

    - Planning (Listed Building  and Conservation Areas) Act 1990

    - Archaeological costs

    - Personal effects of persons at your business premises

    - Monuments, memorials and statues in the grounds

    - Bequeathed property

  • Fine art and collections


    You may want this optional cover, if you have specialist fine art, collections or antiques. This section allows you to insure these special items on a market or agreed value basis.

    Features & benefits:

    Cover at the premises, or whilst removed on a temporary basis for up to 90 days. You can choose from United Kingdom, Europe or world-wide. You can insure on an ‘agreed value’ or ‘market value’ basis.

    The cover is available in two parts:

    - Art, jewellery and watches

    - Exhibits

  • Equipment breakdown


    Automatically included when selecting Property Damage and/or Business Interruption.

    What equipment is covered?

    Any electrical or mechanical equipment unless excluded. This includes:

    – Lifts, central heating or air conditioning systems
    – Boilers are covered for breakdown and explosion
    – Security and sound systems
    – Photocopiers and office equipment
    – Retail equipment such as bar code scanners and credit card payment systems
    – Fork lift trucks whilst on your premises

  • Business interruption


    This section provides you with the cover you require for your business losses following a fire or other insured event for a set period of time. This can be 12months, 24months or 36months (the ‘maximum indemnity period’).

    Features & benefits:

    - Equipment breakdown

    - Archaeological digs

    - Prevention of access, bomb scare

    - Customers and suppliers

    - Specified diseases, murder food poisoning, defective sanitation, vermin

    - Failure of electricity, gas, water or telecommunications

    - Reinstatement of data

    - Computers – increased cost of working

  • Liabilities


    This important section of the policy provides you with the cover you need by law for Employers’ liability, and for Public and products liability.

    Features & benefits:

    Employers’ liability
    Covers your legal liability for accidents to or illness of employees, sustained in the course of their employment

    Public and products liability
    Covers your legal liability for accidental bodily injury to persons other than employees, or for damage to third party property.

  • Legal expenses


    Legal fees, compensation awards or unexpected tax enquiries can all undermine the financial stability of your business. In view of this we provide this cover as an automatic section of the policy.

    Features & benefits:

    We will protect your legal position in the areas shown below.

    - Employment disputes and compensation awards

    - Legal defence

    - Statutory licence protection

    - Tax and VAT

    Other covers include:

    – Contract Disputes over £250
    – Debt Recovery for debts over £250
    – Property Protection
    – Bodily injury

    Plus free services provided by DAS for all our Heritage policyholders:

    - Legal advice 24 hour helpline
    - Tax advice 24 hour helpline
    - Counselling 24 hour helpline
    - Employment Manual and DAS businesslaw

  • Money


    This section allows you to insure against physical loss of business cash or cheques.

    Features & benefits:

    - Non-negotiable money such as crossed cheques, money orders, vouchers

    - In transit, bank night safe or on the premises during business hours

    - While in a locked safe at the premises or other specified location

    - While on the premises (not in a locked safe) outside business hours.

    - For any other (£500 limit)

    - Losses due to dishonesty of employees discovered within 14 days.

  • Goods in transit


    If your business involves the distribution of your business stock, choose this section to cover your goods in transit.

    Features & benefits:

    Your general business stock can be covered for accidental damage whilst in transit by road vehicles operated by you or a haulier. Also whilst being sent by parcel post, rail or courier.

    Transits can be anywhere in the UK.

  • Personal accident


    Have you considered the effect on your business should a key employee be unable to work due to accidental injury? This section pays set benefits to cover your expenses following such an event.

    Features & benefits:

    You can insure yourself or your permanent employees against accidental injuries whilst working for the business or, for full time staff only, 24 hours a day.

  • Loss of licence


    Covers your losses following the cancellation of the premises licence by the Authorities, due to circumstances outside your direct control.

    Features & benefits:

    If the local authority cancels your premises licence we will pay for up to 12 months loss of revenue.

    The legal costs of appealing against the cancellation of your licence are covered under the Legal expenses section. If your appeal is not successful, this section of the policy will pay for the depreciation in the value of your interest in the premises.

  • For more information you can download the full Heritage Commercial Insurance with Household Cover summary of cover.

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