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Support for customers affected by flooding

Flooding can cause significant disruption, damage and emotional distress which is why we're committed to helping you not only recover as quickly as possible, but to help reduce the impact of any future flooding.

In addition to how we can help, below we provide details on potential grants and rebates available, some useful contact details and advice on making your property more flood resilient.

Resilient repairs

What are resilient repairs?

These are the steps taken when repairing flood-damaged buildings to improve their resilience to future floods, for example:

  • Applying water resistant plaster to walls.

  • Using flood proof materials e.g. plastic skirtings, stainless steel, solid wood or plastic fixtures/fittings.

Why should customers consider resilient repairs?

Buildings with a higher degree of flood resilience can be brought back into use faster and with less disruption.

With flooding becoming more frequent in the UK, we would encourage customers to consider resilient repairs to any buildings affected by flooding.

  • How we help


    If you experience flooding and make a buildings claim with us:

    ◾Our loss adjuster will identify possible resilient repair options and discuss these with you.

    ◾If repairs on your property have already started, our loss adjuster can review the repair specification with you to consider any resilient repairs not already included.

    ◾Any of the resilient repair options will be included as part of your buildings insurance claim with us, provided they are no more expensive than conventional repairs.

    ◾If you wish to take resilience or resistance measures which do cost more than conventional repairs, we are happy for you to agree these extra works with our appointed building contractors - whether you choose to fund this from a Grant Application (details below) or your own pocket. You can of course choose your own building contractors.

  • Flood Resistance and Resilience Grant


    If the resilience or resistance measures cost more than conventional repairs, or are new and unrelated to your insurance claim, you may be able to apply for a government Flood Resistance and Resilience Grant of up to £5,000. This grant is available in affected areas of England.

    ◾ If we have a surveyor involved in managing your claim, they will help you with your grant application*.

    ◾ If your claim does not involve a surveyor, our loss adjuster may be able to help instead.

    Even if repairs to your property are complete, you may still make a Flood Resistance and Resilience Grant application, either retrospectively to cover resilience and resistance measures you paid for out of your own pocket, or to fund new measures.

  • Useful contact details


    You can find out more about flood resilience and resistance from the Association of British Insurers and through the charities The National Flood Forum and The Scottish Flood Forum.

Grants and rebates

In the event of widespread flooding, financial assistance for people and organisations is usually made available by central government, local authorities and charities.

We will provide details of this assistance on this page if a widespread flooding incident occurs.

*Subject to the surveyor’s fee. This can be included in the grant application up to a limit of £500.

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