COVID-19 fundraising and beyond

We understand you have an immediate need for funding to help you to meet the day-to-day demands of your charity and the communities you serve.
Nationwide, the demand for charity services has increased while income has declined sharply. With events cancelled and little or no face-to-face fundraising on high streets and elsewhere, the voluntary opportunities for people to give have all but dried up. Corporate partnerships have been hit while those businesses recalibrate their own plans for the future.
That’s why we’ve launched a range of resources to support you, assist fundraising and help you plan new ways of operating. 

Charity support designed around your needs

We’re a trusted insurance provider with extensive experience supporting customers in the UK charity sector. We understand the very challenging pressures you face.
  • 43% of charities* are reporting increased demand for services while voluntary income is down by an average of 42% nationwide*.  
  • Charities nationwide are now facing an estimated funding shortfall of £12.4 billion **. 
The charity fundraising hub includes easy-to-use tools and guidance that will support you as you plan your way out of the pandemic. We will be refreshing the hub regularly - we’re seeing a lot of innovation taking place and are keen to share best practice as it emerges. We believe the advice and ideas that you find here will help to build resilience for your charity in the future.
*Source: Institute of Fundraising Report, 2020. 
** Impact of COVID-19 on the charity sector: Briefing from the Institute of Fundraising, NCVO and Charity Finance Group, March 2020.

Webinar programme in collaboration with the Directory of Social Change

We’ll also be running a series of webinars covering a range of topics to address key issues facing the charity sector. The topics include the fundraising landscape, planning, sources of funding and digital fundraising. 
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The fundraising plan

Register for the second webinar in our series:

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  • Date: Tuesday 8 December 2020 at 10.30am
  • Length: 90 minutes: 45 minute presentation, 45 minute Q&A
  • Speaker: Gill Jolly, Director of Achieve Consultants Ltd and Associate Trainer with Directory of Social Change. Presented in collaboration with Ecclesiastical
A fundraising plan is a must to enable your charity to have the confidence that it can generate income and run the services it provides. The trick is to have a diverse range of income streams to help your charity to be more sustainable.  
This webinar will focus on:
  • What implications to consider. 
  • What actions you need to take to ensure your organisation's wider engagement with your fundraising plan.
  • We will also look at frameworks and approaches for planning income diversification.
  • The planning process will be invaluable to help you decide what’s achievable with your current resources or if you need to invest to secure additional income from different streams.

Fundraising resources

Top tips for charity fundraising during COVID-19 and beyond

As many pre-pandemic charitable fundraising routes are not accessible, we provide some steps and suggestions to support what you do and how you do it.

Find out more

Researching possible donors and funders

Good research into relevant donors and funders sits at the centre of successful fundraising. Read our useful tips to discover and assess new funding sources.

Checklist for grant applications: key factors for building a successful grant application

When you’ve researched possible funders and grants for your charity, we can help you to prepare a persuasive pitch when making your application. 

Building a strong case for support

Regardless of which funding partner or donor source you approach, you need a clear and compelling case for that support. Read our advice that will help you make your case for support document strong and effective. 

Outputs, outcomes and impact reporting

Defining the outputs, outcomes and the impact are central to any fundraising strategy and vital to making clear funding applications. Our best practice guidance will help you to get your approach right - first time.
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