Will my home insurance cover my bicycle?

08 February 2021

Bicycles are unfortunately an easy target for thieves and a reported 275,000 thefts are carried out in England and Wales each year*. The good news is Ecclesiastical automatically includes cover as part of your home contents insurance.

A maroon bicycle stored in a cluttered shed.

If you're away from home and have portable items cover on your policy, providing your bike is valued less than £750, the home insurance will provide cover for theft, loss and accidental damage. If your bike is valued more than £750, please make sure you let us know as we can specify it on your policy to ensure full cover is provided.

Top tips to protect your bike

  1. Make sure you use a good-quality lock and learn how to lock your bike properly.
  2. Whilst at home, lock your bike to a permanent fixture in a secure shed, garage or outbuilding.
  3. Whilst away from home, avoid leaving your bike in any isolated or dimly lit areas.
  4. Keep records of your bike. Register your bike on the National Cycle Database.
  5. Always remove your accessories when your bike is parked, such as the lights and saddlebags.
  6. Property mark the bike. Bikes can be post coded by etching and painting.

Are the contents in my outbuildings covered?

Contents within outbuildings at your property are covered up to your total contents sum insured. The only exception for this, is that the policy has a theft limit of £5,000 for any one year of insurance. This figure is on top of any specified items on your policy that are kept within your outbuilding.

Bicycles within outbuildings are automatically covered for up to £750 each, unless they are specified on your policy. To specify a bicycle on your policy, please contact us as we may have additional security measures to discuss.

How to keep your outbuildings secure

  • Make sure you fit good-quality locks and remember to lock up after you are finished in the outbuilding.
  • Check that any door hinges are securely fitted and replace any loose screws.
  • Consider installing motion-activated lights to eliminate those dark hiding places.
  • Fit a security alarm to add another layer of protection.
For more information, please visit home insurance or for a quote, give us a call on 0345 777 3322 

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