What makes fine art?

14 October 2021

A webinar exploring what makes art ‘fine’ and the skills behind valuation and specialist protection in a changing market

What makes fine art? Why is provenance and the journey of a piece important to its value? What do the big fine art stories and sales from recent times mean for your clients? This webinar takes a fascinating look at what makes the fine art market tick, how it has changed and why it’s so important to work with a specialist insurer who understands the complexities involved.

In this special fine art webinar and Q&A session, you’ll discover:

  • What makes art ‘fine’ and why the provenance of a given piece of art is crucial to its valuation
  • The inside track on some of the most significant fine art stories in recent years
  • The main types of fine art insurance claims - and how to avoid them
  • How the dynamics of the fine art sector have changed in the last few years
  • The importance of specialist fine art cover from Ecclesiastical that protects your clients’ treasures - with expert skills backed by exceptional client service.
Hosting this webinar is Dr. James Lindow, PhD - art historian, lecturer and critically-acclaimed author. He’s also an expert with 20 years of underwriting experience and is the Underwriting Director for our Art and Private Client Team here at Ecclesiastical.

Meet Dr James Lindow PhD

Dr James Lindow James brings over 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry and a highly respected variety of arts knowledge.

He joined Ecclesiastical in 2017 following a number of senior roles working with HNW clients. He is the recipient of the first ever Renaissance PhD from the Royal College of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum. And he penned the book, ‘The Renaissance Palace in Florence: Magnificence and Splendour in Fifteenth Century Italy’.

He has been a research consultant for the BBC and Associate Lecturer at the University of the Arts, London and has won three research awards and scholarships – in the UK, Italy and the US.

James has also presented extensively in the UK, Europe and the US, and is a speaker for several leading arts societies, including The Art Fund and The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS).

To read more about James and the Art & Private Client team, download our ‘Meet the team’ document.

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