Brokers recognise importance of giving back

22 October 2018

We believe supporting charities and communities is a responsibility of every business, no matter what its size.

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Our recent research has revealed that over three quarters of brokers (76%) feel that positive contributions from their business to society are important1.

What is community investment?

Community investment is a way for organisations to look at their impact in society and give back. It’s about more than making donations to charities, it’s a more thoughtful approach to considering the meaningful impact your business can have on the communities in which you live and work.

Community investment can include:

  • Match funding
  • Volunteering time and grants
  • Corporate partnership salary giving.

Community investment encourages employee personal and professional growth:

  • Encourages team work
  • Provides a sense of pride and commitment
  • Creates a positive workplace where employees can thrive
  • Encourages creativity.

These equal an ethical, honest and respected organisation.

What is the benefit for business?

Businesses don’t work in isolation. A better understanding and stronger relationship with communities will make your business more successful and sustainable in the future. A water company which promotes good water stewardship or a food company which promotes healthy eating is ultimately creating a more sustainable future for its products and services.

How to create a community investment policy for your business

  • Choose a purpose
  • Decide where to put your efforts
  • Make an impact
  • Include your employees
  • Involve your customers
  • Share your success stories
  • Be honest and transparent.

See our research on how the brokers surveyed felt they contribute to society:

Brokers giving back

11250 brokers surveyed, FWD research, May 2018