Are you clicking with your customers?

06 November 2017

We recently commissioned the research company, FWD, to get the views of brokers across the UK about their contact with customers.

Are you clicking with your customers?
We wanted to understand how brokers connect with their customers, how often and what the blockers are.

Contacting customers

What became clear is that in some cases, brokers are shying away from regular contact with their customers. Over a third (34%) of smaller brokers only contact their customers at renewal time. While the vast majority (94.4%) of brokers contact customers with renewal reminders, just 29% contact them to offer an additional product or upsell. Over half (51.6%) only contact customers once or twice a year.

Engaging customers

We learned that the uptake in the use of social media is still at the early stage amongst brokers. Just 22% have used LinkedIn for the first time in the last 12 months, with just 21% adopting Twitter. Thirty per cent of brokers put case studies online according to the research but only 5.2% are signposting customers to this information on social media.

We know that the age profile of people buying insurance is no longer confined to older people. The success of entrepreneurs, celebrities and artists means that the under 30s are a growing demographic for insurance cover. Yet brokers find it difficult to engage this part of the market and 29% of brokers need help reaching under 30s via social media.

So what does all this tell us

We are living in a highly connected era where the opportunity to connect with customers is better now than ever before. The first tweet was sent over 10 years ago yet many in our sector have not embraced social media. Engaging customers via social media gives real insight into their needs, helping build long-term, productive relationships. It’s not too late to embrace the opportunity to become social savvy.  And to engage the under 30s who have grown up with social media, for brokers wanting to reach this market, knowing how to do so using the channels they use, is critical.  
Regardless of how the connection with customers is made, all of them want expert, friendly advice relevant to them. We’d all agree that interacting with customers about their renewal doesn’t make for memorable conversations! What about asking them what need of theirs has not been met, what they think of you and your business or sharing insight that affects their lives and letting them know your successes?  Whether it’s face to face, via email, over the phone or over a social network, there are lots of opportunities for more dynamic and engaging conversations – to better click with customers. Pick a customer – what’s your next conversation with them going to be? 

How we can help

Download the full research report ‘Are you clicking with your customers’ for a comprehensive look into how, when and why brokers interact with clients. 
Also following the research findings that 22% of brokers have started to use LinkedIn for the first time this year; we’ve put together a guide looking at how to maximise the strength of your company LinkedIn page.