Building a movement for good: a practical guide for charities and businesses

21 July 2020

How businesses and charities can successfully build better partnerships

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Our research shows three in five (62%) charities in the UK do not currently have a corporate partner, yet two-thirds (67%) agree that working with business is essential for their future1
By sharing advice and best practice, we hope charities can maximise the benefits of working with a corporate partner, which we believe is crucial in the current crisis.
Our new report is a fascinating insight into the day-to-day work of charity teams as they attempt to find and nurture corporate partnerships, and manage (or occasionally fail to manage) the diverse expectations of partner businesses.
 There is no one-size-fits all model of corporate engagement. Money and volunteers are the lifeblood of local charities, and generous businesses provide them in spades but the quality of engagement differs enormously.
From building meaningful partnerships to sharing the four stages of success, this guide from Ecclesiastical shares how businesses and charities can successfully build corporate engagement.

1. FWD surveyed 115 charities via telephone interview between February and March 2020.