Insight and training on key broker issues

13 September 2019

Throughout 2019, a series of webinars will be delivered about key topics in the insurance industry. These webinars will be recorded and posted on this page for you to view.

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Ecclesiastical understand the issues that affect your business and those that may impact your clients. By working with highly-regarded experts, we are able to provide you with relevant guidance and support on a range of risk management, legal and regulatory compliance and specialist insurance topics. 

Upcoming webinars

Mental Health Awareness - parts 1 and 2

A recent survey conducted by Ecclesiastical reveals that 78% of brokers feel stressed at work, one quarter believe that more should be done to reduce the stigma of mental health and 1 in 5 brokers have even considered leaving the industry.1 These webinars aim to raise awareness about the impact of mental health issues and mental ill-health in the workplace and with a particular focus on the General Insurance sector.

The webinars will cover two key topics to help delegates better understand: 

Part 1 - Frame of reference 
Understanding how every individual has a different perspective on life and how that impacts their view of issues and challenges that may affect them.

Part 2 - The stress container
Looking at how individuals cope with stress in different ways.

Both presented by Carly Eggar, in association with Valentis Advisory and sponsored by Claims Consortium Group.
1Based on 250 brokers, research conducted in October 2018.


Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR)

  • Presented by: RWA Business Consultancy. 30 minutes duration

This webinar provides an overview of what the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) is about with tips and guidance on what to do to meet this regulatory challenge.

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Slips and trips

Managing slips and trips in historic properties- guidance from HSL and Ecclesiastical

  • Presented by Huw Andrews, Principal Consultant for Casualty, Ecclesiastical. 38 minutes duration
From prevention to defence, this webinar introduces guidance created by unique research completed by the Health and Safety Laboratory and Ecclesiastical. It provides examples of typical slips and trips hazards specific to historic properties and what simple solutions your clients can put in place to help manage risk, defend against a claim and be cost-effective and sympathetic to historic features and materials.

Slips and trips in historic properties and the importance of routine inspection

  • Presented by Huw Andrews, Principal Consultant for Casualty, Ecclesiastical
In this webinar we  look at the key points to discuss with your clients around inspection and maintenance. This includes the importance of a robust system of inspection in preventing slips and trips and how a good maintenance regime can help keep on track of defects before they become too high a risk and costly to rectify. 
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The impact of people on slips and trips risk

  • Presented by Huw Andrews, Principal Consultant for Casualty, Ecclesiastical. 
Human behaviour and individual capability will influence how likely someone is to slip and suffer an injury. Whilst it might be easy to assume the individual was at fault, the incident is far more likely to have happened due to the environment or task they were attempting to complete. This webinar looks at how we can influence decisions, raise awareness and manage a historic property to reduce the risk of slips and trips.
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The cyber threat

  • Presented by Nicolas Hartley, Head of Business Improvement and Innovation, Ecclesiastical. 45 minutes duration
This webinar provides an overview of the type of hackers that are likely to target an organisation, their techniques, and what can be done to limit the impact of a cyber attack.
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Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Presented by Nicola Mathias, IDD/T&C Scheme Specialist, RWA. 32 minutes duration
This webinar presents an overview of the eight core areas of the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) and suggested areas of learning for each core area. CPD is also discussed and what can be recorded as CPD and why this is important.

RWA is a leading business consultancy within the general insurance sector. We work with their team of specialists to provide our brokers with learning and advice to effectively manage and maintain their regulatory compliance.