More than just a church insurer

Church insurance is not just something that we do, it’s our reason for being, it informed everything that became the foundations of how we do business, it’s in the fabric of everything that makes us Ecclesiastical.

In 1887 we were founded to protect churches from the risk of fire, and as we grew so did our cover and the ways we choose to help. We became something for more than just the building itself, and the community that keeps it alive - which is why we are constantly seeking new ways we can help, to make life, and running a church easier in challenging times.

Choosing Ecclesiastical is about more than our name, or even our history, it's our experience, our people and all the ways we can help.

You're choosing 135 years of expertise and knowledge.

You're choosing people who know your situation, know the challenges you face and always know what to do to help. The expertise and knowledge in our dedicated church team resonates in every call and every conversation and is just further proof that no one knows the church like we do.

Choose church specialists who know exactly how to help. Discover what our church insurance has to offer.

You're choosing real people that really care.

We understand that arranging church insurance can seem daunting at times, but remember, we care about you and your church and have a genuine desire to help. It's knowing you've always got someone to talk to, no matter how big or small your query.

Choose real people who will always take the time to listen and find a solution. Discover what risk management tools, guidance and services we have to offer.

You're choosing to feel that sigh of relief, sooner.

Our dedicated claims team are here to help to make it easier for you should the worst happen. Our church claims team care passionately about churches, looking for ways to pay claims, rather than avoid them.

Choose an award-winning1 claims team and a dedicated handler. Discover why our customers gave us 99% satisfaction for our claims service2.

1 Insurance Post Claims and Frauds Awards 2021 - Claims team of the Year

2 Ecclesiastical Settled Property Claims - Customer Opinion Results 2021, responses from 505 direct customers who have had their claim settled

You're choosing the most trusted home insurance.

Designed and discounted especially for church people, providing cover for the extra duties you carry out for the church, and with discounts for members of the clergy, volunteers and members of the congregation. Our home insurance has not only been voted most trusted by customers for the 15th time3, the church benefits too, as we pay a donation of £130 to the church for every new policy taken out4.

Choose home insurance with the happiest customers5. Discover what makes our home insurance award winning3.

3Fairer Finance Home Insurance customer experience rating, Spring and Autumn, 2013 - 2022

4Terms and conditions apply

5Fairer Finance happiest customer rating introduced since 2019 - 2022.

You're choosing to help your church thrive.

We understand that times have never been more financially challenging for many churches and raising funds isn't always easy, which is why we offer a wealth of free support, guidance and tools to help you fundraise successfully.

Choose support designed to help you thrive. Discover fundraising support for your church here.  

You're choosing support for the church and community you love.

Ecclesiastical is part of a group of companies which exist to serve the greater good, and through our Group Company, and our Charitable owner Benefact Trust, we have a number of platforms for giving available profits back to the churches and communities we serve.

Choose an insurer that plays a part in supporting churches and Christian causes. Discover how we do this:

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