Art & Private Client: Expiry of our Temporary Cover Enhancements (May 2021)

28 May 2021

With the easing of national restrictions as we progress through the key steps of the UK Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, it’s time for us to review the temporary cover enhancements that we have provided at various stages throughout the pandemic, which expire at the end of May.

We were glad to be able to respond swiftly when needed in order to help brokers and customers navigate a period of uncertainty, and we want now to provide clarity on how our cover will respond moving forward.
With lockdown measures lifting, the restrictions imposed on people and travel that merited the temporary cover enhancements have been eased to an extent that generally means they are no longer necessary. As no further extension to the temporary cover enhancements is needed, they will expire on 31/5/21.  
A summary of what this means for the enhancements is shown below.
Second homes and holiday homes
The automatic cover enhancement for second homes and holiday homes will cease after 31/5/21, at which point all original policy terms and conditions will come into immediate effect. 
Private Clients working from home
Please note that as standard the Art & Private Client policy allows for policyholders to work from home under incidental business which covers any clerical or administration activities as well as having an inner limit for office contents of up to £20,000 if reflected in the overall contents sum insured.
If you have any questions or issues regarding policy cover, please speak to your usual Ecclesiastical contact.