Easing of restrictions – how your Parish Plus or Parishguard policy responds (May 2021)

04 June 2021

As we begin to follow the UK Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, and life starts to return to normal, it’s time for us to provide you with an update on how our cover will respond moving forward.

A summary of what this means for your policy cover is shown below.

    1) Employees (including clergy, church officials and authorised volunteers) still working from home

    Your church policy has always included, as standard, cover for contents whilst away from the premises and / or specifically at the homes of employees and this cover will remain in place.

    2) Churches still engaging in COVID related support programmes or similar

    We would consider this work to be part of the usual activities of the church. However, we would expect the individual churches to follow Public Health England (or equivalent body)/government guidance at all times and observe any precautions stipulated by those bodies, until such time as all restrictions are lifted by Government. There will be no additional premium in respect of these activities.

    3) Churches or other buildings that still remain temporarily closed / unoccupied

    Church buildings that are closed are exposed to different and usually greater risk than buildings that are open for regular use. Where closure is temporary, your policy cover is unaffected and there will be no additional premium. We do however expect that you manage the risks associated with a closed building, and strongly recommend you implement risk management measures to reduce the risk of damage.  We have therefore developed a guide to help you do this.
    Access our guide             

    Where the use of a building is ceased on a permanent basis, or when the usual activities at the premises have ceased pending a decision of the future of the buildings, it is a condition precedent to cover under your policy that you advise us of this, restrictions in cover will apply and there will be conditions that need to be complied with. Normally we would also charge an additional premium.

    We hope this clarification is helpful to you. However if this information is insufficient to meet your insurance needs or if you are unsure about any other insurance issues, please contact us on 0345 777 3322.