Temporary accommodation for refugees displaced by conflict

21 March 2022

How our policies respond to this.

We understand that individuals and organisations across the UK may be seeking to play a part in helping people affected by the crisis in Ukraine or refugees from other countries and may be contacting you to discuss how this affects their insurance.

We have therefore put together the following guidance for brokers in respect of the policies you arrange with us on behalf of your clients.

Art & Private Client policies

Ecclesiastical supports homeowners providing assistance to those displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including under the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme, as well as refugees displaced by conflict anywhere in the world. The following position applies regardless of where the conflict has taken place.

This means that if your client is a homeowner who insures their home with Ecclesiastical and wants to temporarily house refugees as non-paying guests in their main home, you do not need to tell us and their cover will remain the same.

Please note that you do need to tell us if:

  • Your client wishes to house refugees in their home for longer than 12 months.
  • Your client is a homeowner who insures second homes, guest homes or rental properties and wishes to temporarily house refugees in these properties.
  • Your client wants to extend their policy to include the refugees as a member of the household.

Please see the policy wording for cover, terms and conditions that will apply for non-paying guests and their personal effects whilst staying at your client’s home.

Commercial policies

You must notify us immediately if your client wants to provide accommodation for refugees at any of their properties.

We will endeavour to support your client in providing this accommodation but there are additional things they may need to do and consider, so it is important that you contact us ahead of them doing so.

In the meantime we have put together a checklist of risk management considerations if this is something your client is considering. Please see our guidance for more information.

For more information

If you are unsure about or have any questions regarding your policy cover, please get in touch with your usual Ecclesiastical contact.