Burbage Church cooking on gas, thanks to Trust130

09 July 2020

See how our Trust130 campaign is helping churches.

St Catherine's Church in Burbage is right at the heart of its community – and it’s able to stay there, thanks in part to a donation from Ecclesiastical Insurance’s Trust130 campaign.

The church, near Hinckley, in the Leicester Diocese, recently refurbished its kitchen, and the £910 from the campaign came in very handy indeed in the process.

‘Trust130 has been great for us,’ said the rector, the Rev Andrew Hall. ‘We have run a regular advert in our parish magazine, put posters in the porch, and mentioned it in services, and the response from members of our congregation has been terrific.

‘The kitchen is very important to the church members and also to the wider community – in normal times, we use it after services, the choir uses it, we have a luncheon club, mother-and-toddler club, the Mothers’ Union, the WI, the bell ringers… you name it, they use it.

‘It was looking very tired and in need of updating and with the help of the Ecclesiastical money and other donations and fundraising we now have a space that is very modern and fit-for-purpose.

‘It’s a constant battle for all churches to raise the money to pay the bills, and anything above and beyond is very welcome indeed.’

Under the scheme, in line with Ecclesiastical’s charitable ownership and Christian values, every time a new customer takes out a new home insurance policy we offer to donate £130 to the church or cathedral of that customer’s choice.

Since 2017, when we celebrated our 130th year, we have donated over £500,000 to more than 2500 churches and cathedrals chosen by our customers. There is no limit on the number of donations that can be made.

If your home insurance is due for renewal and you are interested in how Trust130 can benefit your church, please contact Ecclesiastical Insurance on 0800 7830 130.

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