St Marys Wythall eases the burden

21 August 2023

A church near Birmingham has responded to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis by setting up ‘SCOFF’ – St Mary’s Church Offers Food and Fun’ – for struggling local families.

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Most of the funding comes from the congregation, but they’ve been helped by a Trust130 donation, too.

‘Ours is a fairly affluent area,’ said Pam Miller, treasurer of the church in Wythall, Worcestershire. ‘But there are pockets of deprivation, people have lost their jobs, and some are finding it very tight.'

'We decided to offer a weekly hot meal, available to all but targeted at those who are struggling to make ends meet. Most of our attendees have been children and their parents from the school next door – they come straight round after picking-up time for games, crafts, a Bible story, and finally a family-friendly meal such as shepherds pie, sausage and mash, or chili con carne. The children will often make their own pudding, for example by decorating biscuits.'

‘None of the families involved were church-goers, or know the Christian story, so it’s a nice way to introduce that, too. Quite a few now refer to it as “going to church”, and we’re also planning special family services. The £130 from Ecclesiastical is a great little boost that will pay for meals for about twenty families for around two weeks. It’s also a great expression of faith.’

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