St Paul’s use grant to keep community safe

27 January 2022

Used to buy a professional disinfecting spray system to keep safe users of community facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic

“St Paul’s Church is most grateful to receive this generous award from Ecclesiastical. It has enabled us to purchase a professional disinfecting spray system to help ensure the safety of those who use our community facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic” states Ursula Payne, ‘Building for Life’ Project Administrator.

“Our church is known for being rooted in the community and for having ‘soft edges’. This means we’re committed to welcoming everyone, whoever they are and wherever they are on their journey of faith – so a wide constituency will benefit. One of our stated aims is to meet local needs, especially of the most vulnerable, offering a wide range of support for all generations. Beneficiaries will range from the young children who attend our craft-based family services to pensioners who have been particularly isolated in recent months.”

Under the scheme, in line with Ecclesiastical’ s charitable ownership and Christian values, every time a new customer takes out a new home insurance policy we offer to donate £130 to the church or cathedral of that customer’s choice.

Since 2017, when we celebrated our 130th year, we have donated over £500,000 to more than 2500 churches and cathedrals chosen by our customers. There is no limit on the number of donations that can be made.

If your home insurance is due for renewal and you are interested in how Trust130 can benefit your church, please contact Ecclesiastical Insurance on 0800 7830 130.

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