Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

East Midlands

Registered Charity Number: 222212

Project name: Wild Wellbeing

Project overview

We seek funding to continue and develop our new project in Ilkeston Derbyshire, addressing loneliness and anti-social behaviour amongst young people by engaging them with the natural world through a skills and wellbeing development programme. 

Our project takes place outdoors to allow the therapeutic benefits of the natural world to support both mental and physical health. Based at DWT's Woodside Farm Nature Reserve on the edge of Ilkeston, we work in the heart of this deprived community.  We run weekly sessions on a six-week cycle pulling together conservation activities, exercise, developing creativity and building team-working skills.  Currently three months into a yearlong pilot, we are already seeing great results that show our work is in demand and making a positive difference to our participants and the wider community.  

We want to continue this exciting work, engage more local residents and community groups and tell others of our results.

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How the £50,000 grant will help

Our pilot aims to help stop the cycle of low prospects, anti-social behaviour and poor attainment prevalent in the Ilkeston area.  We have rapidly made strong links with others who want to include more health and wellbeing elements in their work but don't know how. We are proving that we can deliver activities that complement and enhance theirs, be made bespoke for their needs and provide the final part of the jigsaw that makes up a holistic and wide ranging set of opportunities for those that need support. 

Once the pilot project has been completed, careful evaluation will help prove the effectiveness of this programme and our aim is to operate as a paid for service using the movement of social prescribing and accessing funding from education establishments, local authorities and Primary Care Trusts, enabling longer term sustainability. With the Trust's unique expertise we can deliver successful outdoor wellbeing programmes for excellent value and our work can also be used as in-kind contribution to others fundraising efforts, helping leverage more funds to other charities or community groups.

Movement for good
We will be announcing our 2020 £50,000 grant winners in: