Acorn Village

London and Sussex

Registered Charity Number: 263954

About the charity

Acorn Village offers high-quality care and accommodation to adults with learning disabilities. Offering both residential and supported living services they can provide support to meet a number of needs in line with their ‘People First, Disability Second’ philosophy.

People outside Acorn

Together we're helping

‘Life is for living’ is their motto and empowerment, independence and building confidence are key to life at Acorn Village. The £1000 donation from Ecclesiastical will help fund life-enhancing activities such as swimming, sailing, horse riding, media groups, gardening and activities in the Creative Craft Centre, which also assists in building social and life skills.

The Creative Craft Centre only exists thanks to the generosity of others whose donations paid for the initial build. Kate Williams, Commercial Development and Marketing Co-ordinator at Acorn Village, said: ‘Ensuring these activities and more continue to be available to enhance the lives of adults with learning disabilities is thanks to companies like Ecclesiastical, along with members of the public, who truly make the difference. From all of us at Acorn Village thank you.

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