Caithness Broch Project


Registered Charity Number: SC046307

About the charity

Caithness Broch Project (CBP) is an archaeological charity, working to promote Caithness as a heritage tourism destination by highlighting its rich archaeological landscape. In particular, it’s raising awareness of the numerous Iron Age drystone towers or ‘brochs’ which are unique to Scotland and which are most prolific in Caithness.

Caithness people

Together we’re helping

The £1000 donation from Ecclesiastical will help the charity to continue its efforts to promote Caithness as a heritage tourism destination. The most northerly county of mainland Britain, Caithness is a vulnerable part of the UK and suffers from several issues associated with rural isolation.

It is CBP's ambition to combat this, by promoting the county's many fascinating archaeological sites through outreach events such as archaeological excavations and school visits.

Its flagship project is to construct a replica 'broch'. This exciting project will be a major archaeological experiment; a workshop promoting the traditional skills; a vivid 'living history' learning experience and, perhaps most importantly, an iconic and unmissable tourist destination of both national and international importance.

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