Education for Madagascar

London and Sussex

Registered Charity Number: 1167115

About the charity

Education for Madagascar aims to prevent and relieve poverty for children in the south of Madagascar by providing education, training and healthcare projects. Started in the village of Ambohibe Antananarivo, their long-term purpose is to extend the benefits of education across more villages in the south to help children most in need. The aim is that each child will become a successful learner, learning not just reading and writing, but also drawing, painting and music.

Education for Madagascar relies on donations and they fund their activities by organising events and selling products and handcrafts made in Madagascar, France and the UK.

Education for Madagascar children

Together we’re helping

Education for Madagascar currently supports 60 children and ensures that their educational and health needs are cared for. Although some of the teachers are permanent employees, the charity relies on the kindness and willingness of volunteers, including doctors and foreign language teachers, to help the children reach their full potential.

Their work is organised by projects. These include school fee and tuition support, cultural exchanges, coding and robotics and career day awareness sessions.

Ecclesiastical’s donation will help fund their tenth project - to pay for the Health centre, which will be free of charge for children from the village of Ambohibe. Education for Madagascar will provide a health and nutrition follow-up on a weekly basis, including health checks from volunteer doctors and nurses. They will also offer clothing and organise sports activities and cooking classes, providing a healthy lunch for each young person linked with the charity.

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