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Registered Charity Number: 1153282

Project name

Growing Connected Communities.

About the charity

FarmAbility provides meaningful occupation for adults with learning disabilities through gardening and farming programmes.
FarmAbility members standing in front of the plants and waving

How the £10,000 grant will help

These funds will enable our service users (co-farmers) to run their own project – giving them new confidence and skills. Co-farmers (adults with learning disabilities, some also with autism) will be supported to deliver a farm, garden and kitchen based day service for older people with dementia from a neighbouring care home. Co-farmers will design and deliver a programme of activities including vegetable growing, animal husbandry and cooking to engage the dementia residents. Together they will then run a community lunch for local people. The project aims to directly reach 168 people who will benefit from improved physical health, a connection with nature and the outdoors; healthy food options and community cohesion. Indirect beneficiaries will be 192 members of the co-farmer and dementia resident’s families.
Achieving this funding is an amazing accolade for FarmAbility and will allow us to bring together adults with learning disabilities and older people with dementia to jointly participate in gardening, animal husbandry and cooking, with all the associated health and well-being benefits these activities bring.

Sharon Williams, Director, FarmAbility

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