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Digital Me

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Nepacs is a North East charity, which promotes a positive future for prisoners, offenders and their relatives by supporting family ties and wellbeing at every stage of the criminal justice system.
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How the £10,000 grant will help

Our funding will enable us to deliver an exciting project for vulnerable young people who have a parent in prison and who've been negatively impacted by their loss of contact – especially during the pandemic. 
‘Digital Me’ is an innovative guided digital artwork project, giving children aged 8-17 the opportunity to tell their stories and explore their emotions through learning.  It will play a crucial role in helping them to rebuild social skills and express their feelings about the isolation they’ve been experiencing.
The funding will support the young people to produce videos highlighting their personal experiences. Guided by Digital Voice experts, the digital artworks will describe how this experience has impacted and shaped their lives, particularly in terms of loss and stigma. We’ll also offer online group and therapeutic sessions to generate discussions around shared experiences.
The children will be encouraged to express their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future, supported by online group and therapeutic sessions to generate discussions around shared experiences. They will then go on to learn how to create their own avatar and audio voice recording to tell their story, exploring issues they care about.
We are delighted to receive this support for our ‘Digital Me’ project. It will really strengthen the work Nepacs does as a charity, supporting family members who suffer, often in silence, the ‘hidden sentence’ of having a loved one in prison. We aim to provide a listening ear and practical help supporting those, who through no fault of their own are often some of the most isolated in our community.

Amanda Lacey, CEO, NEPACS

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