Seal CofE Primary School

South East

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Project name

The Good life comes to Seal (community school farm)

About the Charity

We've created a community school farm in a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to promote good mental health, education and wellbeing for the community.
Children from the school feeding sheep

How the £10,000 grant will help

This generous grant will fund the continuation of our community school farm development, support education and allow us to develop a high-quality community facility. As we only started building a year ago we have really struggled to gain funding for the project – every precious £500 that comes in allows us to build something new. Were always building enclosures ourselves to reduce the labour costs, so this size grant really will make a huge difference! Our open days to the community have proved what a wonderful facility we have created, now it is going to become bigger and better!
We serve 340 children at our school, we saw 756 people visit our farm for an enriching experience over July & August. We hope other schools and mental health and Age UK will start visiting soon too, extending our community arm even further.
Our school community farm has enhanced our school children's lives on a daily basis, it’s allowed children to study an important sector, volunteer with their families and gain all of the love and wellbeing working with animals brings. The community love our farm because it's local, diverse, built with passion for the wellbeing of people.

Sara Spellman, Seal CofE Primary School

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