The Wave Project

South West

Registered Charity Number: 1163421

About the charity

The Wave Project brings people together through surfing. Using an evidence-based surf therapy programme proven to help young people feel less anxious and more positive, their goal is to help young people diagnosed with mental health issues to become more resilient and to celebrate their amazing lives. They also run beach school projects with partner organisations and volunteers to change young people’s lives.

Girl surfing

Together we’re helping

The Wave Project subsidises the cost for each child who attends one of their surf sessions to make it affordable. Instead of charging £20 per session, they charge just £5, meaning that fundraising has to bridge the gap. Ecclesiastical’s £1000 donation will help to subsidise costs for 66 sessions.

Laura Johnston from The Wave Project explained: 'Our award-winning intervention uses local surfers from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as volunteer surf mentors to work one-to- one with the young people, teaching them to surf and to just have a lot of fun in the water.

Studies show that surf therapy helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels in young people, giving them confidence to overcome any obstacle. We’re excited to be part of such an amazing movement and that you have kindly partnered with us by making this donation.'

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