The Zephaniah Trust

North West

Registered Charity Number: 1036478

About the charity

The Zephaniah Trust is a Christian charity supporting schools, churches and community groups through the provision of assemblies, workshops, lessons, holiday clubs and events. They use music, storytelling and the arts to share and teach about the Christian faith across Bradford and beyond.

Together we’re helping

The Zephaniah Trust has recently appointed a new full-time worker and Ecclesiastical’s donation will help them to provide a stable future for the role. The new employee has joined the trust’s frontline workers, working alongside the people of Shipley Baptist Church as a youth worker and supporting the Open Book Project in eight schools in the Shipley and Heaton areas of Bradford. 

He is also piloting an evening youth group at a local Methodist/URC LEP church, and works with the rest of the team to deliver school assemblies and RE sessions across Bradford. His appointment has given Zephaniah Trust the much needed capacity to take on additional work.

Jenny Cousons, Trust Administrator at The Zephaniah Trust, said: ‘We would like to express our thanks to Ecclesiastical for our surprise donation of £1000. It was a lovely Christmas present for the team.’

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