Transition Network

South West

Registered Charity Number: 1128675

Project name

Making an Online Transition Train the Trainers Course

About the charity

Transition Network supports the movement of Transition groups and others who are engaging their local communities in reimagining and rebuilding a low-carbon and socially just world.
Transition Network photo of groups gathered together in a large space

How the £10,000 grant will help

The grant will enable us to develop and run a “Train the Trainers” course online for the first time, making it accessible to more people. Trainers for Transition have been hugely instrumental in empowering people to take action locally and develop skills in engaging with climate change. This online Train the Trainers course will enable new and existing trainers to better meet the training needs of the 300 Transition groups in the UK – and help people start Transition groups in new places. The course will increase the number of trainers who can help Transition community groups to start, or support existing Transition groups to have more impact in creating local responses to the social and ecological crises we face.
We are thrilled to receive a Movement for Good award, which will help us re-ignite our network of trainers, to help seed new Transition groups and support those that already exist.

Nicola Hillary, lead link of Transition Network

Movement for good