Registered Charity Number: SC183050/SC020755

About the charity

VOCAL supports and empowers over 9,000 unpaid carers in Edinburgh and Midlothian. They work individually with carers to identify the issues affecting them and to establish a plan of support, information, training and access to services.

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Together we’re helping

This year marks 25 years since VOCAL began supporting carers. It’s a big year for them, full of celebrations, but it’s also a time to look at ways of meeting the growing demands on their services. In 2019 they are hoping to raise £50,000 to keep carers healthy and connected. Their chosen projects include: counselling; peer support; a minibus to facilitate respite breaks and to connect carers in rural areas to their centres, plus a carer access fund – to help carers access their services by paying for taxi costs or sitter services for the person being cared for.

The £1000 donation from Ecclesiastical will go towards vital counselling – paying for 50 carers to receive a counselling session. Carers often feel that they can’t talk to their family and friends about their caring situation and as a result can become isolated. Talking to someone outside of the situation can be extremely helpful and reassuring. Francesca Greaves, Partnership Development Officer for VOCAL said: ‘Your support will make a real difference to the carers who use our counselling service.’

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