Wales Millennium Centre


Registered Charity Number: 1060458

About the charity

The mission of the Wales Millennium Centre is to broaden people's horizons and to offer every young person in Wales access to the arts, and to the pleasure and life enhancement that brings. They do this through creating digital learning experiences; practical skills workshops and courses; partnering with nationwide youth-led festivals and giving young people the opportunity to take part in world-class theatre productions.

Together we’re helping

The Centre is putting their £1,000 donation from Ecclesiastical towards their own 30 days of giving campaign, which aims to help give 30 vulnerable young people – who’ve had a tougher life than most - a brighter future, by participating in their Radio Platfform training programme.

Emma Hastings, Creative Intern at the Centre, said: ‘Radio Platfform is our youth-led digital, radio station for young people aged between 16 and 25. The training programme gives young people the chance to be heard, and to have a safe place to learn and grow. During the six weeks’ training, participants develop confidence and key skills, as well as gain an Agored Cymru accreditation. We’ve raised just over £7,500 of our £15,000 target so far, so your donation will go a long way to helping reach this - thank you again.’.

Bethan Elfyn, BBC Wales Cymru radio presenter, added: ‘The programme is more than just a sixweek workshop learning about presenting and producing a radio show. It’s also about teaching young people life skills, boosting their confidence and giving them the tools they need, to fulfil their potential.’.

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