Mental health training

11 May 2020

To support you during this remarkable time, Champion Health are sharing their mental health training module free of charge until 22 July 2020.

About Champion Health

Champion Health are a team of academics, health care professionals and technology experts supporting workplace health. 
We understand the impact that the global health crisis is having on our mental wellbeing. It is therefore more important than ever to prioritise our mental health - no matter what frame of mind we are in. 
This is why we have made our expert-led online mental health training course freely accessible, giving you the skills to optimise your own mental wellbeing and support others who may be struggling.

What does the training involve?

This 1-hour online mental health training has been developed by our world-leading academics and GPs, to help you discover ways to look after your mental health and support others in need. The content has been updated to reflect the current circumstances. 
Topics include:
  • Strategies to optimise mental wellbeing
  • How to boost resilience and increase productivity
  • Spot the warning signs of poor mental health
  • How to signpost others who are struggling
  • What to do in a mental health crisis

Access training

Simply visit the website and use code Ecclesiastical to sign up.

Find out more

Links are provided to the Champion Health training modules for your information only, Ecclesiastical is not responsible for the contents of the site or resources and is not endorsing the quality of the e-learning services provided by Champion Health. Accordingly, Ecclesiastical and its subsidiaries shall not be liable for any losses, damages, charges or expenses, whether direct, indirect, or consequential and howsoever arising, that you suffer or incur as a result of or in connection with your use or reliance on the information provided in the training modules except for those which cannot be excluded by law.

The guidance in the Champion Health training module is provided for information purposes and is general and educational in nature. It does not constitute mental health advice. You are free to choose whether or not to use it and it should not be considered a substitute for seeking professional help in specific circumstances. 

We acknowledge that an individual's experience with mental health issues or concerns is unique to that individual. If you have any questions personally or in connection with co-workers, family or friends, we encourage you to contact your General Practitioner or your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if you have one as part of your benefits plan.

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