Ecclesiastical Smart Properties

What if a property could provide an early warning to help prevent fire and water risks? Ecclesiastical Smart Properties makes this possible.

Did you know?

The risk from fire and escape of water is a common and real threat for all organisations.

  • In 2020, 25% of all property claims handled by us were for water damage.
  • Home Office figures for 2019/20 show nearly 11,900 property fires were caused by electrical system or specific appliance failures.

Real-time protection that’s really smart

We’ve teamed up with property performance specialists Shepherd to create an innovative, technology-based solution called Ecclesiastical Smart Properties. This solution makes properties smarter by providing an early warning system to protect the irreplaceable.

How does it work?

It’s a clever software-based, wireless sensor system that learns what’s 'normal' for a property. A real-time alert will be sent by email, SMS or phone to highlight a change in conditions, so early preventative action can be taken.

What’s included?

Invited clients will receive, at no additional cost, a pack containing either 2 or 4 water leak sensors and a thermal surge sensor. In addition, eligible clients with a commercial kitchen and extraction system will receive a sensor for monitoring grease build-up.

It’s not just smart, it's also easy to install

Taking minutes rather than hours and using our handy installation videos, Ecclesiastical Smart Properties is really easy to install.

Smart Properties can offer a lot more

This solution is scalable so it doesn’t just help prevent fires and water risks; clients can purchase additional sensors and services to enable the system to do so much more.

For example:

Smart properties risk icon

Risk - extend coverage to better understand a property’s risk profile and potential hotspots for damage.

Smart properties energy icon

Energy Insights – easily understand, manage and reduce electricity, gas & water consumption on single and multiple sites helping to lower costs and carbon footprint.

Smart properties asset health icon

Asset Health - improve profitability and reduce downtime on key equipment to save costs through streamlining operations and optimising asset performance.

Smart properties air quality icon

Air Quality – improve environmental conditions by automatically monitoring light, CO2, humidity and dust particulate matter to better protect people, contents and the environment.

At the moment, Ecclesiastical Smart Properties is only available to invited clients that meet our underwriting criteria, but if you want to find out more, contact your broker.

Want to know more?

Standard packs can be claimed by invited Ecclesiastical clients at no additional cost. Find out more about who is eligible, how to get started and ongoing system support.

Read the FAQs

Ecclesiastical Smart Properties is a non-regulated product that provides optional support outside of our insurance product.


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