£120,000 | 120 Charities | 12 Days

21 December 2018

Each weekday between 6-21 December you nominated 10 charities to win £1,000. Nominations are now closed, see if your nomination won!

Thank you to everyone who nominated

We’ve had a magnificent response with over 90,000 nominations for thousands of charities, just going to show how valued charities are and the difference they make to people’s lives. 

The aim of Head Injured People in Cheshire (H.I.P) is to reduce social isolation which is often one of the key issues that head injury survivor’s face. Our coffee mornings, offer a friendly environment where our members can relax, make new friends and talk to people who understand what they are going through. Your donation will fund one of our biggest groups. Thank you so much again.

H.I.P Head Injured People in Cheshire

For further stories of how the donations will be used and the difference they are making come back in the New Year.

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