Jewellery and valuables

22 January 2018

Ensuring your clients are properly protecting the things they treasure.

Pearls and jewellery in a wooden box
We have created the article below which we hope you will find useful to share when speaking to your clients about ensuring they are insured for the right value all year round.  
The articles in our Review magazine may also be of interest to your clients. In particular, page 9 – A golden era: keeping a watchful eye on trends in the jewellery market and page 13, Eclectic Collections.

How we can help

Our Art & Private Client wording covers New Acquisitions and offers Extended Payment on the Fine Art and personal valuables section of the wording. Both are important to clients making jewellery purchases, to know that they are covered for new purchases (up to 30% of the sums insured under the appropriate section) and that if they make sure they hold onto the receipt for the item they will benefit from the Extended Payment for up to 3 years1.

1This short guide does not contain the full terms and conditions of the insurance.  These can be found in the Art & Private Client policy wording document which you should refer to for full details