The difference is… it’s built around you

Ecclesiastical has been in the schemes market for more than 30 years, making us one of the pioneering insurers in this area. We have accumulated a huge amount of experience in understanding what makes a scheme successful and that’s why we still have schemes that have been with us since day one. Today, we have over 80 live schemes on our books and are keen to grow that number.

This isn’t your ordinary insurance; we’ve delegated authority to you, because who knows your clients’ needs better than you? By putting the majority of decisions in your hands and complementing that with a broad risk appetite and all the expertise, flexibility, collaboration and proactive management you need, we’ve created the blueprint for your next scheme.

Plan for success

Our flexibility and knowledge allow us to support a huge variety of schemes. We’re well known for our specialist expertise, but you may not have realised that our risk appetite for commercial schemes business goes well beyond our core areas.

We define a scheme as ‘a tailored insurance solution for customer groups with common needs’.

Our experience and ability to underwrite many different types of schemes is down to our collaborative way of working. You’re the expert in understanding your customers’ needs and this enables us to work with you to find the right solution for your clients, capitalising on our joint expertise.

Discover schemes built around your clients

Learn more about how we support your scheme and what makes us a different kind of business.

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*Awards and accreditation

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