Our Group

We’re a specialist financial services company with specialist insurance, investment management and broking and advisory businesses. All are underpinned by a reputation for delivering honest advice, deep expertise and outstanding service to our customers. We provide products and services to businesses, organisations and individuals, both directly and through intermediaries.

Our insurance businesses offer insurance products and risk management services to customers in the faith, heritage, charity, education and real estate markets.
We have particular expertise in valuing and protecting distinctive properties both old and new – from cathedrals to concert halls, schools to stately homes and iconic modern buildings to youth hostels.
We also provide a discrete range of specialist products including household insurance for churches and congregations and fine art insurance to the high net worth market.

Specialist insurance

Investment management

EdenTree Investment Management (EdenTree), our multi-award-winning investment management team manages and sells ethically screened and non-screened investment products to institutional customers, including the charity and faith markets, and to retail customers through the advisory market. 
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Broking and advisory

Our specialist brokers, SEIB Insurance Brokers and Lycetts Insurance Brokers, provide tailored insurance products for customers, particularly those in the high net worth, farming and rural estates, equine, animal trades, and specialist motor insurance sectors. 
Ecclesiastical Financial Advisory Services (EFAS) and Lycetts Financial Services offer financial advice to businesses and individual customers including Church of England clergy. 

Ecclesiastical Planning Services Ltd (EPSL) markets and administers prepayment funeral plans under the Perfect Choice brand.

Our mission

In the world of financial services, Ecclesiastical treads a different path.
For us, charitable giving is not something we do as part of our corporate responsibility programme, or to meet our reporting obligations. Instead, it’s the very reason we exist. This is because, unlike others in our sector, our sole purpose is to contribute to the greater good of society.

Doing business differently

A significant proportion of our profits are channelled towards funding good causes, through independent grants from our charitable owner or our own considerable donations to the communities we serve.  
This very different purpose means we are able to do business in a very different way. Yes, we work hard to be successful, so our growing profits can be used to help even more people who find themselves in need. But we also strive to be the most trusted and caring business in our chosen markets.  A business that supports its customers not just by giving them first-class service and products, but by prioritising their needs should the worst happen.
It is for this reason that for over 130 years, we have been trusted to protect so much of the heritage and history in the countries where we operate.

Our story

In 1887, the Ecclesiastical Buildings Fire Office was founded to protect Anglican churches and church buildings against the risk of fire.

Since then, the name Ecclesiastical has stayed with us as we’ve grown to become one of the largest independent British-owned insurers. Today we offer much more than just award-winning specialist insurance – we also provide investment management, broking and advisory services with offices worldwide.
However, our original principles are still central to the way we operate today. 

Our roots

Our founders had the idea of insuring churches and church buildings and ploughing any profits they made back into charitable work. Today, we continue to have a charitable purpose which sets us apart from others in our sector.  

Branching out

Until 1895, we only offered insurance for churches and we only insured against fire. We still insure churches – more than 16,000 of many Christian denominations including the Church of England, Church in Wales, Scottish Episcopal Church and United Reform Church – and we also provide insurance to mosques, synagogues and Sikh and Hindu temples. However, we’ve gone on to insure much more, so that around three-quarters of our insurance business is outside the faith sector.  We're the market leading insurer of Grade I listed buildings, insure more than 48,000 charities, 54% of independent schools and, with other insurers, 8 of the UK's World Heritage sites.

125 year anniversary

In 2012 we celebrated our 125 year anniversary.

A movement for good

The way we work will continue to change as technology and customers’ needs evolve. But we will continue to strive to be the most trusted and caring company in our chosen markets, demonstrating that it is possible to do business differently and build a powerful movement for good.

Our most recent awards

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