Life insurance and protection

None of us want to spend time contemplating events like death, illness and redundancy, but it makes sense to be prepared so that the financial impact on you and your family is as small as possible if the worst should happen.
If you are looking for life insurance quotes or to protect family income in the event of ill health, our Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) will carefully review your situation, provide advice and recommend the most appropriate cover. We review products from the whole market so you can be sure you are getting the protection you need at the right price.

Questions to ask yourself today

If you want to know whether you have all the life insurance and protection you need, start by asking yourself these questions:
  • How much money do I have saved up? How long would this support my family in the event of my own or my partner’s death or long-term illness?
  • How much extra income would my partner need if I were to die or become ill?
  • How would I support my family if I was unable to work due to illness or redundancy?
  • How long will my family and dependants rely on me financially?
Don't worry if you can't answer these now, contact an adviser on 0800 107 0190 and we'll help you understand the cover you need.
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